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TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH is recorded in history as an offspring of the Antioch Baptist Church. Organized in 1902 by such founders as the Reverend J. H. Henderson, Brother Alfred Chew, Brother H. S. Davis, Brother Jim Riley, Brother Tim Jones, and Brother William Bennett. The Henderson Chapel Church's site was used as the place of worship, the Reverend I. A. Carter, Jr., was selected to serve as pastor and the name “TRINITY" was agreed upon. In an atmosphere and tone of reconciliation and dedication, it was agreed that three deacons and trustees from each of the consolidating churches would serve as officers. For several years, the congregation worshiped in a building located at Gary and Allen Avenue, but as the membership grew, a larger building, located at Oakland and Lawrence Streets was purchased. After praising and praying in the Lord's name for a number of years, the officers saw the need to buy an even larger building which was located at Murphy Street and Pierre Avenue. Unfortunately, this edifice was lost in 1940 due to unsound business management. However, in the same year, the members were able to purchase a church site located on Milam Street. They continued their spiritual commitment to Greater Kingdom Building. As the membership grew, many renovations and improvements were instituted and completed. Many stewards made outstanding contributions and remarkable progress. Namely, Reverend C. H. Walker, Reverend T. J Jackson, Reverend O. L. Dunn, Reverend L. S. Cameron, and Reverend J. E. Gillie. The Vision of the late Reverend J. E. Gillie was to purchase property and construct a new edifice. In 1963, under the guidance and business expertise, the property located at Garden Street and Allen Avenue was purchased. After months of negotiations, disappointments and prayers, the contract for the construction of Trinity's present site was finalized. This edifice was completed and ready for use in the year 1972. Under divine inspiration from God and under Reverend Gillie's guidance, all financial obligations toward this newly constructed building were completed within three years. The members shared in the vision helping to make it a reality through their genuine support, their committed efforts and their generous offering and contributions. In August of 1985, after the death of Reverend Gillie, Reverend Charles Capers presided as minister. With fervent prayers and the unified efforts of the Deacon and Trustee Boards, the church continued worshipping, praising, and thanking God for the spiritual guidance and leadership that Reverend J. E. Gillie had provided, as well as, directions and hope for a servant and pastor who would lead us to further kingdom building.  In January of 1986, Reverend Morris Austin submitted his resume' to the pastoral search committee and in March of that year, the majority of the church's members he should lead the church as pastor. Reverend Austin was installed as the ninth pastor to lead the historical Trinity Baptist Church. Under his leadership, the membership purchased properties adjacent to the church, restored, repaired, and renovated parts of the external and internal structures of the edifice. Reverend Austin initiated the bus ministry with the acquisition of passengers' van for those in need of transportation. Pastor Austin served as shepherd, overseer, servant, and friend to this congregation of believers twenty-nine (29) years and six (6) months teaching, preaching, baptizing, and evangelizing as the Lord commanded. During his tenure as Pastor, he also celebrated fifty (50) years in the ministry in November 2014. He officially retired as Pastor of Trinity in March 2015. Although retired, he continued to attend the needs of the membership through prayers preaching, visits, bereavement, counseling, and in whatever capacity that was needed. Because of his longevity as Pastor, untiring service to the membership (even after retirement), and continual presence and fellowship with his former church family, the church body acclaimed him as the Honorable PASTOR EMERITUS. Thank you Pastor Morris Austin for exemplifying a sincere spirit of Love and Humility to all mankind.  Once again, the church was in need of a Shepherd to lead. In June 2015, a pastoral church committee was organized. The committee included Anthony Ashley, Rufus Combs, Jesse Goines, Essie Hold, Edwin Hold, Samuel Spears, Hazel West, and Gail Whittington. Reverend Charles Capers, once again, graciously accepted the task as pulpit conductor until a selection of a pastor was completed. Harmoniously, the through this ten (10) months endeavor. On membership and the committee prayed, trusted, and communicated May 18, 2016, a decision was rendered as to who would lead the Trinity Baptist Church membership as its tenth (10th) pastor.  Reverend Calvin Jackson, "a son of the house", was selected as the new overseer and Powerful Pastor to his church, and most importantly, his Devout Relationship with members of Trinity based on his Christian Leadership, Profound Teaching of God's Word reaching, Religious Involvement in the Community, Dedicated Commitment his church family. The Trinity Family prayerfully and joyously embraced and installed Reverend Jackson as its tenth (10th) pastor on July 3, 2016.  Trinity Baptist Church has been a pillar of hope, help, and service in the one hundred and fifteen (115) years and has a reputable history of leadership, evangelism, and servitude. The principles on which this foundation was laid have stood for many years based on the Word of God. Prayerfully, these same principles will commemorate this historical event, we THANK GOD from where he has brought us...trials and tribulations...joys and and sacrifices. And through it we are not forgetting those "pioneers of old" who paved the path and made it possible but, rather we are pressing on and reaching forth unto those things which are before us.

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